Blue Pacific

"Fascinated by the language of objects, symbols and logos, Elder, through her sculptural practice attempts to find parallels between these themes and explores the unique way in which they function as an alphabet and map. Through appropriation of existing forms and symbols and their subtle manipulation, Elder has twisted their language to become adapted and unique to her. These new forms then create their own fictionalized history that runs alongside any prior narrative that the object or symbol has enshrined within."

            - Exhibition Statement for my solo show at Rod Barton Gallery, London, UK

Soft, Sweet, To Love-Ru

Warm White Dakota & Pearls Astray


Plastik Xerox

Death of a Shell

Hand of Fleur

Abaco Texaco

Ice Sweats no Sweat

Lu Lotus Bird’s Foot

Summerset & Bittersweet

Flor House, Sparse Dove