"Sunlight streaming through the bedroom curtains, caught by the numerous figurines carefully placed around the room, created long shadows that notified the three girls idly laying around that it was beginning to grow late. When their gaze settled on a certain vine-covered statue, the girls collectively gasped. Whether it was the effect of falling daylight, or the increasingly hypnotic rumble of cicadas that followed, the Hiro statue suddenly seemed so alive..." - Hiro, 2014

Hiro Universe is a project headed by Lauren Elder, Rachael Milton and Sua Yoo. The work created through Hiro Universe spans from physical sculptures to apps, and each iteration is produced in collaborative spirit.

To learn more info about Hiro please visit our online site and our ebook can be downloaded there: hiro-universe.com

These are examples of the characters as sculptures and graphics. Sculptures by Rachael Milton and I. Drawings by Sua Yoo.

"The works more or less directly express a sensibility towards the revised terms of production, distribution and reception, being the reality of the post-Internet era – something, which even the most profoundly analogue art objects can actually do. Since Plato, dividing reality into presumable opposites has been the dominant logic: male vs. female, culture vs. nature, mind vs. body etc. But, paradoxically, information technology – itself based on the difference between the zeros and ones of binary computer programming – is now seriously starting to deconstruct those dichotomies."

          - Exhibition Statement from group show at Rod Barton Gallery, Curated by Mikkel Karl