Immune Stability

"Steve Turner Contemporary is pleased to present Immune Stability, an installation by Lauren Elder and Amalia Ulman curated by Lucy Chinen. The installation will be arranged as a showroom consisting of two sculptures, four garments and a video demonstrating the functionality of the garments. These objects will be presented together as a survival kit, designed to cover the essential needs of a nomadic person in a state of emergency.The form of the objects and garments is determined by their function: protecting a highly active person living in difficult terrain. Such forms can be seen in sportswear, hiking and camping gear, extreme weather protection and military design. The materials used throughout the installation adapt to hot and cold weather and change in appearance from day to night. One garment combines various fabrics, including Ecorepel, a textile that mimics the water-repellent properties of a duck’s feathers, and Coldblack, a textile that provides protection from UV rays while remaining cool to the touch. Immune Stability addresses the undercurrent of anxiety that pervades everyday life as one anticipates the next social, environmental or economic crisis."

           - Exhibition Statement for Immune Stability at Steve Turner Gallery, Los Angeles

Vest Lace Tec

Untitled (Light)

Neoprene Body Suit

Neoprene Body Suit


UV  Body Tattoos

Ultra eVent Hiking Shoes

Dri Tech (lights on)

Dri Tech (lights off)


Rose Ghillie Suit